hank & the bear

you can either be miserable or thankful – the amount of work is the same. to seek out the news that provides you evidence of a state of mind in which you are in control of.

wildly grasping for sweetest combs

up high the bear grits his teeth again

unaware of the perpetual tomb

or where he could have fallen

a choice was made to seize the day

each moment does not last

he phased away what his mother would say

and trailed into the flash of past

unsettled scores of poor games played

not surrendering weaker acts

to a tireless enemy he once obeyed

never listening to the facts

or birds perched in the Douglas fir

as Hank watched in routine

at this time no birds would stir

while the bear entered on scene

carefully reaching for the taste

no friends to share it with

to him no day has gone to waste

unaware of unwelcoming scythe

the herb slowly grows back

while Hank blissfully savours

the survival attack

not days worth of labours





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