letter writing

FROM US… but also why is it 4:47? its not!

dear writers and salaries

there’s nothing that you need to know, throw away your worries of never being good enough & hey why not also take that from someone you don’t know!

afraid of speaking the truth? try living with an (immature/arrogant) young urban black youth hanging out in the back of your mind, while the same humans pretend their the shiny beacon guy distracting themselves from… [insert block here?] (talking about ab workouts do one today). when the sole surviving responsibility you have in this life is dominated by a controlling personally rational thought, it will become the last thing staring you in the face when the currents drown. what is even a spiritual fork in the road?! XY shit due to eusociolagic intentions gone wrong…or working as promised. Trebec get over here and tell me your secrets – I have seen a bright moon recently and for that I am thankful, because its all we have to understand the vastness of it all. what if you choose the next person and they’re also afraid and Trebec-less, but sharing your common thirst for knowledge… asking questions about the sky…

You/Xe: taking care of yourself is not the same as getting high above everyone else while still insisting on learning..no one can learn (without aid) alone unless they’re being taught by the unknown. as often as you can to distract yourself from the reality of others insisting on knowing it all…masses of united thought can accumulate while moving towards a unified target – im just gonna leave it there.

when you think time is endless & your mind adapts to dragging on the seconds when it seems you ended up moving hyperspeed to blow it all far so away. as large as we think we are…the mind of a present day human is smaller than a potentially larger opponent who has already won the game.

i guess this is the part where I have to tell a story, but i was told i can do what I want by someone very important so I’m gonna keep us right here! the poetry hiding in my heart is for the memories of feelings i’d like to keep. now i am trying to sing while taking care of a life that has allowed me to keep up with the reality of love and loss, war and peace, but most of all it vs. us.




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