km of sleep

agreed upon our lack of awareness, we play games to pass the time – dozing in the car or betting the global casino – the sequence of natural order makes us forget about ‘it’.

if someones biggest fear is falling asleep on a boat, unconsciously drifting so far into the ocean that the gps loses its signal, finding herself suddenly deep inside the Bermuda triangle.. ……

What if

In your dreams, your mind stumbles upon a sweet memory – expanding it to such great lengths that you can feel the strain of wanting to breathe it in on your lungs. Which stories are you telling yourself to fall asleep – what about staying there?

Finding warmth on nightly journeys is comparable to the highest form of love. To flood into our hearts and comfort the living weight of being present. Aloneness begins the other game that eventually we will all have to play & where depends on your luck.

What changes when people sleep more?

Depression: causating idle majorities (to not be thinking critically) when the sun is up – or outside a window gently reminding you of another days passed.

Go back to sleep, close your eyes to the real world in front of you – commanding yourself to not be in command gives energy to those who choose not to sleep at all. Time is recycled and fed to you like on Groundhog Day, only to realize that maybe… we are that simple.

Making up games: get humanity to the next level before Alex Jones. I see you! Your ratios and equations, carefully calculating and evaluating ALL data because you are smart enough to & have people ‘fighting’ alongside the natural progression of things.

its called: take some time – generating content takes a lot of power and now a days you can become addicted to anything. Evaluate how not to plan around given marks and make your own instead.

Actually I am feeling a little tired. I could make up a few miles tonight.




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